Casement Windows

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Casement Windows

In the UK, Casement windows are one of the most popular styles of window. This is due to their simple, yet versatile design. Casement windows are available in a variety of openings such as top, bottom and side hung.

At Wilson Windows, we will work with you to design your bespoke windows.
With a huge variety in colour choice and custom finishes, you can rest assured that your new windows will be a great addition to your home. Some more technical information about our casement windows can be found below.

Technical Information

  • High Performance
  • Superb WER “A” rating energy performance
  • Sculptured slim appearance
  • Secure by design
  • Multiple locking points
  • Security Glazed from the inside
  • 28mm sealed unit
  • Noise blocker from multiple panes and insulated frames
  • Easy clean and ventilation
  • Low maintenance

If Casement windows are what you are looking to add to your home, then feel free to get in touch here and we will arrange a time that suits to discuss your options.