Glass Replacement


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Damaged Window? No Problem.

Broken glass in your window does not necessarily mean the requirement for the whole window to be immediately replaced. Condensation between the glass panes is normally a sign of a failed unit but does not necessarily mean replacing the full frame.

Let Wilson Handle It

At Wilson Windows, we can replace the glass units themselves to fix broken windows or those glass units that have failed and have become misty.

We can also replace all your original glass units with low-e throughout your house to reduce heat loss. This can be done without changing your frames.

An important point to note when assessing if you have a failed unit is that condensation between the glass that is not wipe-able and restricts the view is a failed unit. Condensation that is on the face of the glass and that is wipe-able is not a failed unit.

If you are looking to get a window or door problem fixed, then feel free to get in touch and one of our engineers will come out to review and fix.

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