Repair & Maintenance


Ayrshires leading Window and Door Repair and Installation specialists.

Why Replace When You Can Repair?

Many windows become faulty through wear and tear. This does not automatically mean that you need a new window fitted. Our engineers at Wilson Windows, have superior knowledge and experience of the mechanics of all shapes and sizes of windows and will provide diagnostic of the problem and fix where possible. Common problems to look out for in windows and doors are hinge and lock replacements, handles replacements or the need for realignment.

An Honest Opinion

If you are unsure if your window or door problem is fixable, then our engineers can assess and provide you with an honest review of the most cost effective option available to get your window functioning efficiently. A repair of a window and door can prove to be a more cost effective option in comparison to a new installation.

If you are looking to get a window or door problem fixed, then feel free to get in touch and one of our engineers will come out to review and fix.

We don’t just repair, we care