Sliding Patio and French Doors

Sliding Patio and French Doors

Wilson Windows

Sliding Patio Doors

At Wilson Windows, we offer the opportunity to upgrade your patio doors, whether that be stepping out through your new door into your garden or into a conservatory.

Our sliding patio doors can really open up the space between rooms allowing for the natural daylight to brighten up your home. These doors slide across which means they are not taking up any extra space by opening in or out.

French Doors

At Wilson Windows, our French doors come in a variety of designs, usually with double handles and restrictors to prevent doors from swinging freely.

French Doors create an attractive opening between rooms in the home as well as an option for access out to the garden.

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If a Sliding Patio or French door is what you are looking to add to your home, then feel free to get in touch here and we will arrange a time that suits to discuss your options.